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Let's build the future of New York City's past

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The New York Public Library is creating a digital time-travel service for New York City with historical maps, collections rich in geospatial data, and the public's help.

The NYC Space/Time Directory will make urban history accessible through a set of resources including: a searchable atlas of New York past, an historical location directory and geocoder, a set of APIs and data sets, and a discovery tool linking NYPL collections together in an historical and geographic context.

These explorations will provide a way for scholars, students, enthusiasts, and librarians to explore New York City across time periods and to add their own knowledge and expertise.

With the Space/Time Directory we're developing a programming model and freely accessible codebase for other cities, libraries, and individuals to map and explore history. Data sources are listed in our related resources section below and those interested in working with our open source projects can visit GitHub to get started!

Ready to travel through time and space? Explore our Space/Time resources below to start discovering and contributing to New York City history.


Contribute to the Space/Time Directory and explore library materials with these interactive tools built on historic maps, our vast photography collections, and more!

Tools & Experiments

Take a peek into the Space/Time Directory workshop! We're sharing prototypes, proof of concepts, and visualizations the project as they're made.

Related resources

Browse related Library resources including digitized materials, data sets, APIs, and much more!

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